We are all seeds craving sunlight to sprout

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Wishes…? Prayers…? Shouldn’t they be granted if you want them to the extent of crying ?

Life is all about timing. From the moment you are born to the moment you die, if you are on time everything can be perfect. Timing for study, timing for growing, timing for realization, timing for prayers, even timing for luck and timing for coincidences and miracles to happen. If you are ahead of timeContinue reading “Wishes…? Prayers…? Shouldn’t they be granted if you want them to the extent of crying ?”

May the sunshine of comfort shine through the gloom of despair. Irish Saying

We are living a life but are always craving something, we are all fed up of stuff and are trying to run far away from this life. We all have countless unfulfilled dreams and wishes. We are all craving some space of our own. So many of us are living, trying hard to keep our thoughts, feelings and dreams to ourselves. Many of us are wishing that someone ask us about ourselves, someone ask us how we are doing, what are our thoughts, what do we like and dislike, what do we want to do and what is the meaning of life and love for us ? Irrespective of our age, we have all faced a trauma in our life, we all felt betrayed, we have all been disappointed, even by our loved ones. The ones we love the most always disappoint us, unlike our love and care for them. We are always understanding towards the ones we love but we aren’t ever treated the same.


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